Red Bull Mini Drome – 2011 plans starting in London


Mini Drome is going to roll out for 2011 in a series of cities starting in London in January. Really stoked to be working on this project! We have been working with Velo-Track in Germany who make the Olympic Velodromes. They are constructing the new Mini Drome track which will look the same but they ensure me has some seriously advanced maths behind some subtle changes to make it ride continuously like a centrifuge. They bamboozled me with logarithms and maths but I trust that it is going to be great. Richard Booth from Red Bull in the UK is doing a great job working on the plans. From London the event moves onto the continent and into Europe. I’ll update you on the plans for the other cities soon, and yes we will definitely be holding a NZ Mini Drome in Auckland- bigger and better.

Check it OUT 15 January, East London, York Hall (Befnawl Green tube station :))

Apologies for the lack of activity on the blog recently, I’m working on another bike event, but this one is a downhill race in an operating gold mine in Waihi on December 4th. I’ll post some shots soon. In the meantime if interested; some shots of me being a miner HERE, and the event website HERE


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