Roads are not the safest place to be as a cyclist in NZ. 5 cyclists dead in less than a week on kiwi roads is just horrific. The media is running mad on it at the moment and I’m saddened but not surprised by the ignorant anti-cycling sentiment coming through.

Anyway this is Lester and Justin enjoying a spin before Tim’s party on Saturday. Lester has been helping me out with Rock Drop in the gold mine so I’ve been dragging him to Waihi a bit and dangling him off ropes a too. Back off into the pit tomorrow until Monday to finish the course.


One Response to “Roads”

  1. lazaabroad Says:

    Have you read through the comments on the NZ Herald site? Many of them are absolutely horrifying, I can’t believe people think that way. That said, I don’t usually agree with most people commenting on any topic there, nor the journalists.

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