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500k in 7 days update

December 27, 2010

A quick update on progress of the 500k between the 23rd and the 30th of dec.

23rd – We kicked off on our usual Thursday 6pm ride form the square, rolled out to sumner, continued back through town, out into the country to Tai Tap pub for a Jug and some chips. From there we cruised back to town avoiding the drunk end of work mayhem on most corners. (That was us the night prior so fully understand!) = Total for the day 85km av. 28.4km/h

24th – It was always going to be a busy day – so just wanted to hammer out a short ride then start my xmas shopping and tidy up loose ends before xmas. Jetted out to sumner with one of the best tail winds I have ever ridden out there, averaged 46km/h spinning out in alot of places running 51×16. On the return… yeah it sucked, struggled to maintain over 20km/h, rode down the causeway with a vicious head/side wind – grinded past 2 dudes on mint carbon bikes in full kit walking their bikes as they couldn’t stop being blowin into traffic. Fuckin nuts. Turned into Heathcoat Valley and kept grinding around the bottom of the hills and into work for a coffee and a meeting then rode to my G’parents out by the airport and back home for a beer. = Total for the day 57km

25th – xmas so I slept in then ate and drank (hope you all did too!).

26th – 9am ride rolled to town, out to Tai Tap, kept going to Lincoln out in the countryside, then to Prebalton, through to Hornby to do some laps at Denton Park…… QUAKE. Shit sort of hit the fan, power went out over the city and we got the call from family etc to see if everyone was cool, figured should ride homeward and sort our shit out. Got back home, lady was cool, home still standing, power back on, I was feeling rather fresh still so figured I’d fill the water bottle up and keep moving. So from cashmere to Sumner via Heathcoat, then down through to New Brighton and into town to check Deflux out. Town had a bit of carnage on the roads, bricks and alot of glass around – went up to deflux (lift broken now) put key in door… aftershock… got the fuck out ASAP. some broken glass but no real drama. Ripped home from there. = Total for the day 118km av. 29.8km/h

27th – Chore day so no real prescribed ride. Ended up riding out to High5 my G’Parents (they hate the aftershocks) then figured I may as well rip around the airport casually then back home. It was bloody hot and a bit of a breeze blowing around and I was starting to really feel the prior rides in my legs so took it rather easy, also still had to mow the lawns when I got back… so no real hurry haha = 5Total for the day 52km av. 26.8km/k

With 3 days to go we sit at 312km

Will update in a while.


Pure Black Racing Team Support car

December 24, 2010

Jeff and Justin calling in a team car pick up from Pure Black Racing 

Clip for the Hipster 100

December 24, 2010

Thanks to Grant Davis for the edit.
Merry Christmas! It’s a muggy 23 degrees here in Auckland.

500k in 7 days – join in

December 21, 2010

Well my lady has been giving me shit about having a beer gut – sort of a fair call, more time behind the beer jar than the handle bar… so in an effort to save face by the end of the year I’m going to participate in the Rapha challenge – or at least give it a go. A few other CHCH guys are into it with the idea of knocking off 100km odd a ride which gives us a few days to get boozed between or finish off early to go to various holiday locations.

The run starts on the 23rd (Thursday) so we are going to kick it off with our usual Thursday night ride starting at the square at 6pm then riding out to Tai Tap pub – then to sumner (pub) then cruse back to town.

I’ll update the main rides post and what the next route and time/ location will be here until the last day of riding on the 30th.

Feel free to join in, even if its just for a bit of the effort, I’m sure we’d be grateful for an extra person to draft…

Hers a run down from Rapha and the link jump:

Riding hard at Christmas is not a paradox. As you stuff your belly with food and soak yourself with booze, the roads may seem empty. But they aren’t. This year, riders across the globe will be squeezing themselves like oversized elves into tights and overshoes and heading out to go the distance, leaving the turbo trainer in the garage.

Why not ride everyday of the Christmas week and move into the New Year fit and refueled? As Rapha’s superhuman Graeme Raeburn demonstrated last year, clocking miles over the festive break is possible. He rode over 1000km in a week. See » 1000 Xmas Km. We’re throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to ride 500km between the 23rd and the 30th December 2010. Rather than let the holidays get the better of you, we want to see riders worldwide taking up the challenge and joining us to ride 500km in a week.

We want you to submit any kind of hard visual evidence, whether it be photographic, Garmin data uploads, illustrations or divorce papers. The most visually engaging or inspirational submission will win our Deep Winter Training Bundle, featuring the new Deep Winter Tights, Winter Jersey and Rapha Overshoes. The first 100 to prove (somehow) they have completed the 500km will receive a limited edition 500km woven badge “

Checkit here

WIP Work in progress

December 18, 2010

It Christmas, it’s always a nuts time of year for everyone. For me, I’ve been spending more time drinking than welding/building – well to be honest there has been a fair bit of overlap with only small achievement on the bike building side…

I’m currently sorting my version of a pursuit, sort of like the one Chris and I built but with a couple of fiddly things I’ve been wanting to try for the last year ish. Just like shaking the presents under the tree prior to xmas I’ll spoil the surprise somewhat and give you a bullet pointed list of a few highlights. It is obviously a fun build more than a lightweight Km buster, I’m trading a bit if weight for alot of strength and better feel when actually riding it.

– Pursuit style (yer we already covered that)
– Original True Temper Yamagucci Seat tube
– Gussets on the TT/HT/DT, DT/BB/ST. and TT/ST
– fullsized Wishbone rear SS with integrated SS.
– Stainless integrated seat mast for an external seat post
– Fork/Stem/Bar combo

I’ll think I’ll be building this one as a bit of a test bed then building another with some other advancements later down the track, a few things I want to do to it design wise mainly.

Here is a shot of where is stood on Tuesday night.

I’ll keep you up to speed as the progress on this and another one I’m shaping up come closer to the finish.


Shots from the Hipster 100

December 17, 2010

Lester sent through some shots from the big day:

The ‘Pavement Panthers’ (Hamitons OG track bike crew) put together another ‘Hipster 100’ race last weekend. The race was held on Hamiltons velodrome which is super old, rough as guts and has corners with around 3 degrees bank, perfect for two 50 min races with a half hour lunch / beer break between them, as many laps as you or your team can do. Around about 30 people turned up to ride, most in 2-3 person teams but a couple of solo riders thrown in there for good luck too, along with a few ring-ins doing laps here and there. Most of the local crews turned up, including the ‘Chain Smokers’, ‘Tire Swans’, ‘Team Cronic’, and of course the ‘Pavement Panthers’ along with a good grip of others we hadn’t met.
Export Dry came to the party with way too many beers so everyone was kept hydrated and with Rowans roof box full of ice everything was kept chilled.
The racing was pretty tight but some dubious lap counting meant results were pretty fuzzy, everyone knew who the fastest guys were any how.
Cheers to everyone who turned up, especially the guys from Auckland who made the trek down, and consider this an official challenge to the rest of Aucklands riders to turn up at the next one and take down the Pavement Panthers ‘A’ team!!
Keep an eye open for another Hipster 100, hoping to have a confirmed date in the next week, with the event in Feb 2011. RAD.

Asylum Criterium Clip

December 7, 2010

Ahhh it seems like only yesterday but many moons ago at ALLTRACK in April we held the 3rd Asylum Criterium at Unitec (so called because Carrington used to be NZ’s main Insane Asylum). Sean Wallace put together this dope clip that has just stoked me out much.

…we should do another one soon.