Shots from the Hipster 100


Lester sent through some shots from the big day:

The ‘Pavement Panthers’ (Hamitons OG track bike crew) put together another ‘Hipster 100’ race last weekend. The race was held on Hamiltons velodrome which is super old, rough as guts and has corners with around 3 degrees bank, perfect for two 50 min races with a half hour lunch / beer break between them, as many laps as you or your team can do. Around about 30 people turned up to ride, most in 2-3 person teams but a couple of solo riders thrown in there for good luck too, along with a few ring-ins doing laps here and there. Most of the local crews turned up, including the ‘Chain Smokers’, ‘Tire Swans’, ‘Team Cronic’, and of course the ‘Pavement Panthers’ along with a good grip of others we hadn’t met.
Export Dry came to the party with way too many beers so everyone was kept hydrated and with Rowans roof box full of ice everything was kept chilled.
The racing was pretty tight but some dubious lap counting meant results were pretty fuzzy, everyone knew who the fastest guys were any how.
Cheers to everyone who turned up, especially the guys from Auckland who made the trek down, and consider this an official challenge to the rest of Aucklands riders to turn up at the next one and take down the Pavement Panthers ‘A’ team!!
Keep an eye open for another Hipster 100, hoping to have a confirmed date in the next week, with the event in Feb 2011. RAD.


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