WIP Work in progress


It Christmas, it’s always a nuts time of year for everyone. For me, I’ve been spending more time drinking than welding/building – well to be honest there has been a fair bit of overlap with only small achievement on the bike building side…

I’m currently sorting my version of a pursuit, sort of like the one Chris and I built but with a couple of fiddly things I’ve been wanting to try for the last year ish. Just like shaking the presents under the tree prior to xmas I’ll spoil the surprise somewhat and give you a bullet pointed list of a few highlights. It is obviously a fun build more than a lightweight Km buster, I’m trading a bit if weight for alot of strength and better feel when actually riding it.

– Pursuit style (yer we already covered that)
– Original True Temper Yamagucci Seat tube
– Gussets on the TT/HT/DT, DT/BB/ST. and TT/ST
– fullsized Wishbone rear SS with integrated SS.
– Stainless integrated seat mast for an external seat post
– Fork/Stem/Bar combo

I’ll think I’ll be building this one as a bit of a test bed then building another with some other advancements later down the track, a few things I want to do to it design wise mainly.

Here is a shot of where is stood on Tuesday night.

I’ll keep you up to speed as the progress on this and another one I’m shaping up come closer to the finish.



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