500k in 7 days – join in


Well my lady has been giving me shit about having a beer gut – sort of a fair call, more time behind the beer jar than the handle bar… so in an effort to save face by the end of the year I’m going to participate in the Rapha challenge – or at least give it a go. A few other CHCH guys are into it with the idea of knocking off 100km odd a ride which gives us a few days to get boozed between or finish off early to go to various holiday locations.

The run starts on the 23rd (Thursday) so we are going to kick it off with our usual Thursday night ride starting at the square at 6pm then riding out to Tai Tap pub – then to sumner (pub) then cruse back to town.

I’ll update the main rides post and what the next route and time/ location will be here until the last day of riding on the 30th.

Feel free to join in, even if its just for a bit of the effort, I’m sure we’d be grateful for an extra person to draft…

Hers a run down from Rapha and the link jump:

Riding hard at Christmas is not a paradox. As you stuff your belly with food and soak yourself with booze, the roads may seem empty. But they aren’t. This year, riders across the globe will be squeezing themselves like oversized elves into tights and overshoes and heading out to go the distance, leaving the turbo trainer in the garage.

Why not ride everyday of the Christmas week and move into the New Year fit and refueled? As Rapha’s superhuman Graeme Raeburn demonstrated last year, clocking miles over the festive break is possible. He rode over 1000km in a week. See » 1000 Xmas Km. We’re throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to ride 500km between the 23rd and the 30th December 2010. Rather than let the holidays get the better of you, we want to see riders worldwide taking up the challenge and joining us to ride 500km in a week.

We want you to submit any kind of hard visual evidence, whether it be photographic, Garmin data uploads, illustrations or divorce papers. The most visually engaging or inspirational submission will win our Deep Winter Training Bundle, featuring the new Deep Winter Tights, Winter Jersey and Rapha Overshoes. The first 100 to prove (somehow) they have completed the 500km will receive a limited edition 500km woven badge “

Checkit here


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