500k in 7 days update


A quick update on progress of the 500k between the 23rd and the 30th of dec.

23rd – We kicked off on our usual Thursday 6pm ride form the square, rolled out to sumner, continued back through town, out into the country to Tai Tap pub for a Jug and some chips. From there we cruised back to town avoiding the drunk end of work mayhem on most corners. (That was us the night prior so fully understand!) = Total for the day 85km av. 28.4km/h

24th – It was always going to be a busy day – so just wanted to hammer out a short ride then start my xmas shopping and tidy up loose ends before xmas. Jetted out to sumner with one of the best tail winds I have ever ridden out there, averaged 46km/h spinning out in alot of places running 51×16. On the return… yeah it sucked, struggled to maintain over 20km/h, rode down the causeway with a vicious head/side wind – grinded past 2 dudes on mint carbon bikes in full kit walking their bikes as they couldn’t stop being blowin into traffic. Fuckin nuts. Turned into Heathcoat Valley and kept grinding around the bottom of the hills and into work for a coffee and a meeting then rode to my G’parents out by the airport and back home for a beer. = Total for the day 57km

25th – xmas so I slept in then ate and drank (hope you all did too!).

26th – 9am ride rolled to town, out to Tai Tap, kept going to Lincoln out in the countryside, then to Prebalton, through to Hornby to do some laps at Denton Park…… QUAKE. Shit sort of hit the fan, power went out over the city and we got the call from family etc to see if everyone was cool, figured should ride homeward and sort our shit out. Got back home, lady was cool, home still standing, power back on, I was feeling rather fresh still so figured I’d fill the water bottle up and keep moving. So from cashmere to Sumner via Heathcoat, then down through to New Brighton and into town to check Deflux out. Town had a bit of carnage on the roads, bricks and alot of glass around – went up to deflux (lift broken now) put key in door… aftershock… got the fuck out ASAP. some broken glass but no real drama. Ripped home from there. = Total for the day 118km av. 29.8km/h

27th – Chore day so no real prescribed ride. Ended up riding out to High5 my G’Parents (they hate the aftershocks) then figured I may as well rip around the airport casually then back home. It was bloody hot and a bit of a breeze blowing around and I was starting to really feel the prior rides in my legs so took it rather easy, also still had to mow the lawns when I got back… so no real hurry haha = 5Total for the day 52km av. 26.8km/k

With 3 days to go we sit at 312km

Will update in a while.


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