The final break down


Heres the brief rundown of how the 5ookm challenge came to an end. Sorry for the delay in updates, just got back to town yesterday.
28th – I packed up the car with my lady, the cat, alot of booze and my mtn bike and we drove through the rain for a 7day Akaroa relax session. (you can sort of see how this is going to end already)

29th – Got up late had a long black with old friends then went for an explore on the mtn bike out to the Akaroa Marae, then back and up into the Garden of Tane tracks out to the lighthouse, across town, up past Mt Vernon lodge, back to the boat ramp/ skate park and back to the batch. – Just over 25km, Av. SLOW – would have actually been good fun on the track bike for most of it.

30th AKA the last “5ookm ride” day – After eating a good chunk of xmas ham for breaky I jumped on the mtb looking for some trail riding and some more sites – obviously at this stage I knew the challenge of 500km was in the wind as doing the remaining 160ish km around Akaroa on a chunky full sus Mtn bike was not happening. Regardless I was still having a good time riding so I zig zagged and crawled up the back of Akaroa to the ridgeline at Purple Peak (about 800m above sea level) then hammered down the otherside on some fast shingle road into Stony Bay. Then just eased back up the fire road in the small chainring with a stops or two to look back at where I’d been till I got back to the peak. From there I zig zagged back down into Akaroa – it was rad, sliding/ drifting on the gravel on all the hairpin corners choking on my own dust. Over a few cattle stops and down the road back to Akaroa – cracked a cold ale then sat back on the veranda – great day of riding but didn’t really cover a big number km – kinda a different game off the tarmac, good to actually do some hills for a change tho. – It was about 45km all up.

So, I ended up doing roughly 382kmm – not the goal but I’m happy with it all things considered, we had some good rides! – Leaves a goal for next year.

Here are a few shitty ipod screen grabs of some of the rides when I remembered to carry the thing.



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