Jenna Makgill – on the International Red Bull team


I’ve held back on posting about this while I did all the admin required in this process of getting a new athlete accepted into the esteemed Red Bull stable. To cut it short – Jenna is now sponsored by Red Bull as a fixed gear bike rider. For those that don’t know – my day job is Sports Marketing Manager for Red Bull in NZ. Getting a new athlete on the team takes time and is not easy. The athlete list was 1450 about 6 years ago and now it’s about a third of that. That includes Formula One and Wingsuiters etc. So the bosses are looking for quality not quantity – and that is certainly what we have with Ms Jenna Makgill. Pretty exciting for me really. So Jenna is exchange studying in Germany right now and we will be working to help her train and travel to races and events. Watch out for her in upcoming Mini Drome events – I just had an application today from Indonesia – I might have to get there for that one ! So right now I’m getting a helmet sprayed up for Jenna and working with Leader Bike Co to get her a bike sent to Germany stat! These photos are shot by the amazing Simeon Patience.

We are cutting a clip right now – will keep you posted! make sure you check the link to her blog – it’s awesome. STOKED.


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