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CGK – 21 Alley Cat at Resurrection

April 28, 2011

Vida rolled a 6 right after this and screamed. Her and Meiche were riding it together – solid effort for thr CGG, bt we miss you Jenna!

Hagan’s photos from the CGK 21 Race kick ass over mine – the two above are great. You can see more at CGKif you haven’t checked already. the format for this race was super cool. You had to roll a dice and ride the number you rolled in KM’s to one of 6 checkpoints and the first to 21 wins. Super fun. Lots was in the roll, Josh Parrant took it out riding straight 21 and the top 3 all came bowling in within a minute of each other. Rad times.

1st Joshua Parrant

2nd Gary-Max Hampton

3rd Sam Chumz

4th Baxter Richardson (CGK)

5th Joseph Nerney (CGK)

Jeffy and Justin chose to race together and follow each other around the checkpoints. Justin vows to race legitimately next time.

Max came off on one of those big cheese grater grates on Saturday night, his startling beard was hiding most of the damage, probably padded out the fall a fair bit looking at the bushiness.


Grant’s Arm, Before and After the Crash

April 28, 2011



It takes lots to bend a titanium plate. Grant you are a trooper – heal up fast.

Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise at Resurrection

April 27, 2011

Wozz man on the BMX race around the rotunda.

This is Sid armwrestling, Sid was on fire, actually he was ripping all weekend. There were tiki torches, I think Sid’s arm was actually on fire at one stage. As you can tell by the smiles everyone was having a fucking awesome time.

Sian was having a few drinkees, reckoned her riding skills improved markedly after hydrating with foamy beverages.

These shots are taken at the band rotunda, there were races, and hunt the rum bottles, arm wrestles and all manner of radness in the dark. Tim White did an astounding job. I split after the Domain – Grant as I mentioned had a nasty spil and broke his already plated arm. I got the shot and his clip from the Dame Truth blog.

The bend is from the plates bending rather than bone splintering I think- freaky:

Grant is posi as and recovering in the leafy Auckland Suburb of Remuera, the worst crash prize and some consolation Steady Rollin swag is on it’s way out to him.

Grant’s Clip from Dame Truth

April 27, 2011

Not sure if you heard about Grant’s crash on the Booze Cruise on Saturday night? GNARLY – broken arm – he won the worst crash award.  I’ll post up the shot in the next update with pics from the infamous Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise. It was insane, the stages in the Domain in the dark were nuts.

Lester’s Clip

April 27, 2011

April 26, 2011

Crit Shots

April 26, 2011


The distance is just over 10km for the race with a 3.3km pace lap at the beginning, always led by Jeff, to get everyone in tune with the course changes from the year before. The only rule was that anyone with brakes had to be at the back of the pack at the rolling start. I rode the pace lap to get some shots and Jeff wasn’t going slow – so it was close to 14km travelled by the end of the race. Glenn Frost coming first Lester Perry second and Tony Downing third. Lester was the only one running no brakes, total machine, fast times all weekend from Frosty and Tony.

Hagan Hill AKA CGK Godfather has some great shots from the crit and the whole weekend posted up on CHAIN GANG KIDS – check them out! Hagan worked really hard to help the weekend happen – big ups – thanks HUGGY! It was awesome to be a part of all this.

This is also a good time to thank all the other crews for all the support, especially Dame Truth for coming up from Wellington, And City By The Water for being the most prolific gang despite their comparatively short time on the scene, you guys must have hella sticker budget! CGG – well you just rule, Josephine Knowles (wife of the remarkable gent Baxter Richardson) was master of ceremonies and dice rolling coordinator for the CGK 21 race and held things together tight. High fives!

Setting up for the Asylum Criterium

April 26, 2011

RESURRECTION Ruled. Everyone put in loads of effort to make this happen and it was a great series of events over Easter. Like everyone – I’m trawling through the photos and will be posting lots of updates this week. To start with here are some shots of us setting up for the crit in Unitec. We had a great turnout – over 30 racers in the pack. We made the course a little faster this time- it was definitely the fastest with the most downhill straights in the 4 years we have held it. Frosty took out first place – Lester (Motherfuckin) Perry took second and Tony was third. Good race people! Big thanks to DVS shoes and Jim Leatherman at Podium for the prizes and GSHOCK, and Avanti for the grips and tires.

It was amazing to get to hang with everyone again, it’s been ages since I had a spin with the crews.

Resurrection – let the games begin!

April 22, 2011

Asylum Criterium – course checking

April 22, 2011

We were doing some course checking and changes to the route for the crit this year. Should be fun – was even fun in the rain today. Dead on 10km – 3 laps and Jeff will lead the pace lap to get everyone cool with the route. 1pm start see you there – probably see you tonight for the group ride and hill sprints.