Crit Shots



The distance is just over 10km for the race with a 3.3km pace lap at the beginning, always led by Jeff, to get everyone in tune with the course changes from the year before. The only rule was that anyone with brakes had to be at the back of the pack at the rolling start. I rode the pace lap to get some shots and Jeff wasn’t going slow – so it was close to 14km travelled by the end of the race. Glenn Frost coming first Lester Perry second and Tony Downing third. Lester was the only one running no brakes, total machine, fast times all weekend from Frosty and Tony.

Hagan Hill AKA CGK Godfather has some great shots from the crit and the whole weekend posted up on CHAIN GANG KIDS – check them out! Hagan worked really hard to help the weekend happen – big ups – thanks HUGGY! It was awesome to be a part of all this.

This is also a good time to thank all the other crews for all the support, especially Dame Truth for coming up from Wellington, And City By The Water for being the most prolific gang despite their comparatively short time on the scene, you guys must have hella sticker budget! CGG – well you just rule, Josephine Knowles (wife of the remarkable gent Baxter Richardson) was master of ceremonies and dice rolling coordinator for the CGK 21 race and held things together tight. High fives!


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