Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise at Resurrection


Wozz man on the BMX race around the rotunda.

This is Sid armwrestling, Sid was on fire, actually he was ripping all weekend. There were tiki torches, I think Sid’s arm was actually on fire at one stage. As you can tell by the smiles everyone was having a fucking awesome time.

Sian was having a few drinkees, reckoned her riding skills improved markedly after hydrating with foamy beverages.

These shots are taken at the band rotunda, there were races, and hunt the rum bottles, arm wrestles and all manner of radness in the dark. Tim White did an astounding job. I split after the Domain – Grant as I mentioned had a nasty spil and broke his already plated arm. I got the shot and his clip from the Dame Truth blog.

The bend is from the plates bending rather than bone splintering I think- freaky:

Grant is posi as and recovering in the leafy Auckland Suburb of Remuera, the worst crash prize and some consolation Steady Rollin swag is on it’s way out to him.


One Response to “Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise at Resurrection”

  1. sianbritton Says:

    such a good night!!!! do we really have to wait a whole year for the next one?

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