CGK – 21 Alley Cat at Resurrection


Vida rolled a 6 right after this and screamed. Her and Meiche were riding it together – solid effort for thr CGG, bt we miss you Jenna!

Hagan’s photos from the CGK 21 Race kick ass over mine – the two above are great. You can see more at CGKif you haven’t checked already. the format for this race was super cool. You had to roll a dice and ride the number you rolled in KM’s to one of 6 checkpoints and the first to 21 wins. Super fun. Lots was in the roll, Josh Parrant took it out riding straight 21 and the top 3 all came bowling in within a minute of each other. Rad times.

1st Joshua Parrant

2nd Gary-Max Hampton

3rd Sam Chumz

4th Baxter Richardson (CGK)

5th Joseph Nerney (CGK)

Jeffy and Justin chose to race together and follow each other around the checkpoints. Justin vows to race legitimately next time.

Max came off on one of those big cheese grater grates on Saturday night, his startling beard was hiding most of the damage, probably padded out the fall a fair bit looking at the bushiness.


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