Jenna Makgill – Introduction by Red Bull clip


Hey you all know her already but we made this clip to let the world know Jenna is coming! She’s off to London this week to get some touring done with Max and hopefully hook up with some of the local crew through the Red Bull team there. I’m waiting for some shots as she just got her nice new Leader Bike setup which is pretty much all Leader components (thanks Terrence!). Full spec run down when I get some shots.

I’ve been pretty busy with work, but managed to get a ride in on Saturday which was awesome, I went on a loner ride to Mission Bay but ran into Justin and Darryll who were out on the tail end of a roadie but I got to spin around downtown a bit with them.

I took my Leader in my bike bag over to Sydney last week and left it in the office over there. I’ve been doing lots of work in Aussie recently and I’m going to get some riding time over there and do the commute from the apartment to the office. I’m back there at the end of this week for a week so hopefully I’ll get some ride time with Chris who funnily enough has his new Leader too, same frameset as Jenna’s.

There are all these new dope bike lanes in Sydney which are actually curbed off from the traffic lanes, I’ll take some photos. Last week I noticed lots of people commuting and quite a few ‘feexy boikes’ among them.


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