Queenstown Cyclocross


Lester travelled down to Queenstown to rep at the Cyclocross last weekend- how rad is this shot? Lester ended up 10th – does he never stop riding some kind of bicycle?

I love this shot of animal. Sounds like there was a huge turnout. Lester just tweeded a link to some more shots:

The guy manning the BBQ in the photo above is Nathan Greenwood or Mr Dirtfarmer as he’s known. Nath is an old buddy, we used to skate together a bunch when we were teenagers. Nath pretty much runs anything to do with cycling in Queenstown, he made the Gorge Road Dirt Jump Park (clip in the next post coming up) single handledly made Dream Track and Mini Dream, and also cut the trails for Coronet peak, and all the new trails for the Skyline Gondola MTB park. Legend!


2 Responses to “Queenstown Cyclocross”

  1. Caleb Smith Says:

    ivan old friend, he didn’t make all the tracks on skyline… the alliance are responsible for a few gems…

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