George Bolter in Canada


G Bolts has been hanging out with Mike Davies from Zombie and doing some touring over there. Some sick shots coming back from Mike. More on Zombie BMX. George won a comp in Vancouver and is generally tearing it up over there. Big tranny parks and good weather; awesome.

I just got back from a couple of days in Melbourne, had some meetings for Formula 1. But I also got some time to do a little site check in Federal Square for a dope city pump track event idea we are working on and I ran into Alister Paine totally out of the blue, Al appeared out of a doorway under the square and is doing some carpentry work, was cool to see him – he’s racing track this season. Poor bastard broke his back 3 months ago in a collision riding on the street but has sprung back. I saw lots of bikes on the Melbourne streets – waaaay more than in Sydney.


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