Jenna Makgill – CMWC Female Champion!!


I had some emails last night from Jenna and Max who rode the the Cycle Messenger World Champs in Warsaw in Poland over the last few days.

Jenna was the first lady over the finish line winning the female place and also 4th overall against all the entrants. There were over 250 people riding.

She also won the female hillclimb sprint race. So proud – such an amazing accomplishment!! There are not many shots out there so far but Prolly just posted some from Just Fixed – big thanks to Wojciech Artyniew for these shots I pulled off the blog.

YEAH JENNA!!!! It sounds like a gruelling race, Max had his manifesto desintegrated by an over zealous checkpoint person so pulled out of the race and gave his bike to (busted up bike) Ezra so he could finish the race. Photo’s look pretty dismal rain and mud looks more like a cyclocross track in parts. Bring that trophy home J!!

This is the face of a WORLD CHAMPION!!

Full results list HERE

OH and you probably noticed – people were running gears and it looks like a brake was mandatory. So I’d love to see the split of who rode fixed in the results – because Jenna was rolling fixed.


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