Many many moons ago, this used to be a thriving little page with regular weekly content and an excited bunch of busy beavers pedaling and pushing to make Steady Rollin’ something fun for people to be part of.

Since then I moved to Sydney and so did Justin. Justin has since moved back and the guys are close together and rolling again. I figured it would make sense to pass on the keys to the blog to Justin, Mike and Jeff to resuscitate the blog and get things rollin’ again.

Things are different now- people have grown, got busy, got married, had babies, changed jobs, or avoided jobs entirely to become self employed entertainment tycoons, but we are all still the same. I roll on 4 wheels more than two, and Justin and Jeff are riding road bikes more, Mike is still the Semi Pro BMX’er and all are sporadic fixed gear riders.

Whatever happens I know it will inspire me to ride more here across the ditch, and chirp in occasionally. I sure miss everyone back in NZ I got the chance to ride with over the years.

Let the good times roll.




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