About Steadyrollin

Steady Rollin is a group of like minded individuals into riding bikes.

Among other things we enjoy the freedom and simplicity of riding track bikes.


31 Responses to “About Steadyrollin”

  1. k1vv1 Says:

    Guys, like what I see.. I have been riding a fixie/single black CAPO with drop bars around Auckland for around six months.. keen to put a flat bar and some platform pedals on it some time.

    keen to catch-up, pressures from my young family do constrain me at times, but look forward to a ride sometime.


  2. liam91 Says:

    bitchn bikes hombres. been riding fixie for a couple of months now and loving it. me and my mate roll in dirty old roskill, but might see you round sometime . sweet, later

  3. xhaydenhorrorx Says:

    lovin the bikes boys, some top quality shit your ridin’.

    i have been ridin’ and buildin’ single/fixed junkers in wellington. no carbon frames for this kid, steel beasts.
    you need a wellington chapter of steady rollin’, hard out.

  4. dvrdct Says:

    O.M.G I Lub you guys. Mean fun on Saturday even tho I didnt race. Will mos def next time if none of my parts break. REDbull girls were HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, hook us up! hook us up!! LOL.

    David Tsai

  5. firrebutt Says:

    where can we get one of those syl hoodies? sick ..

  6. akathefreshness Says:

    How do I send you a picture?

  7. kiwiwezzer Says:

    hey, ive been to this site every day for the last couple of weeks, its great to read and look at, best of luck on the allycat race tomorrow night, bummer i out of town that night, think i would love to photo it or even ride it, pity my bike has more than one gear, guess that kicks me out, but love the bike that you guys have been making, best of luck tomorrow

  8. fixpatrix Says:

    hey Ivan, Raymond from Fixpatrix here. Anyway, just to update you that my crew’s blog has shifted to wordpress. So our new address is http://fixpatrix.wordpress.com.

    Sorry to post this here, cos I can’t find your email on ur blog…


    • dustkustoms Says:

      Heya Raymond, I just sorted the link through to your wordpress.
      Are you going to be redirecting your current fixpatrix domain tot he blog or are bigger plans afoot?
      – Simon on behalf of Ivan

  9. fixpatrix Says:

    Hey guys, the current domain’s f***ked, so we’re sticking to the wordpress for the moment. will keep ya guys in the loop ya?

    Commo over to singapore for a ride will ya? your rarotonga trip looks awesome!

    anyway do ya still have the black steadyrollin tee wit yellow skull that mike was wearing during tires of fire? hook me up wit 1!

  10. aspliko1 Says:

    hi i was wondaring if there is anything in dunedin yet? would be keen to meet up with some people to ride with

  11. aspliko1 Says:

    and maby get some of your sick stickers?

  12. femalesf Says:

    came across your site when looking for photos of Velocity B43’s. started exploring posts and love it. I live in San Francisco, CA, US., and am crazed at the same interests we both have. Currently riding a fixed track bike in downtown SF and would love to exchange news, etc.
    any stickers or merch send our way and we’ll sport you all over town.
    check out macaframa to see what sf riding is all about,
    would like to know about how you do it as well.

  13. mcleadam Says:

    Just moved to Auckland from Toronto and would love to find some people to ride with.. tried bombing around downtown a few times but couldn’t seem to run into anyone. Let me know if there are any group rides/events/drinks to be had. Thanks!

  14. masifixed Says:

    Hey guys, long time follower.

    Been riding fixed for a year now and just wondering if there is any group stuff/alley cats going down in Christchurch?



  15. fixadas Says:

    My name is Carina, I live in Sao Paulo – Brazil and I have a project of girls still in my country.
    If you want to look at the blog and add.

    Thank you!

    • steadyrollin Says:

      Hi Carina, thanks for the message i like your site!
      I have some friends here in Auckland who are a girls bike group called Chain Gang Girls, you would like them- I sent them your link and they love your site http://blog.thecgg.com/

      Stay in touch and I’ll put you on the blogroll

  16. fixadas Says:

    Hi Ivan!
    It’s pretty cool website for girls. Here in Sao Paulo – Brazil, rode this site, to promote girls who cycle fixa.O site is still empty, there is not much here in Sao Paulo, but we are working to soon put videos and pictures of the girls here. In action!
    I wanted to contact you, to exchange information about fixed.

    Thanks your attention!
    (Sorry, my English is bad)

  17. Nick Warren Says:

    Hi Ivan – do you have an email address for this website? Got a press release I’d like to send you.



  18. Ivo Aarts Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there’s a fixed gear gang in Christchurch. I build my bike before winter and for the last weeks I’ve been riding a lot.
    I still need to improve a lot and it would be cool if someone can teach me a few tricks.

  19. Alec Silver Fagarang Says:

    Hi, I was wondering what/whose frame this was?

    I really like it and it’d be amazing if I actually could find it and in my size too.

  20. simonljones Says:

    Hi – cool site! Anything happening in flat city chch?

    Keen to hook up with some riders… Who to contact?

    Cheers, Si.

  21. Simon Keeping Says:

    Hi Im heading over to Akaroa/Christchurch at the end of the month with my bike. Anyone fancy getting together for a ride sometime? I’ll be around for about a month in NZ.


  22. Josh Green Says:

    hey just wondering how i would contact some riders from christchurch?

  23. buzz87burrell Says:

    Hey I’. In chch riding a fixed gear only groups . Ride with are roadies woul. Love to ride with single speeds /fixed give me a text 0272361912

  24. Loran Los Says:

    What’s up guys.

    Name is Lorano J Los and im a videographer and i wanna do a short clip about the fixie riders in auckland…anybody keen to help me out…need about 8 till 10 bikes and all the photo’s and video are for free if i can use the movie at my website and instagram.!!

    gonna be here for 4 weeks.

    add me at loranojlos on insta! chur

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