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October 30, 2009

We are all in the process of getting back to NZ, I just got back to the office. Apologies for the lack of posts – internet in Raro is not a very developed technology, just like their roads (I mean ‘road’)! I’ll post a stack of shots asap This shot of Jeff sums it up nicely:



Red Bull Ledgends

October 30, 2009


yo! I’m back home! I wanted to post this up straight away. For those of you who like to roll on dubs, we have a ledge riding BMX jam happening this Sunday.

Goodbye Winter

October 19, 2009





I was looking over some shots Mike Davies took during the winter. pretty glad we are in Spring – even if the weather is crazy it’s good to know Summer is on the way. We had Frank’s stag party on Saturday night – it was off the chain. good times. This week some of us are going to Rarotonga for Frank and Ivy’s wedding on Friday. So we are just getting ready for Tour of Raro. A great way to kick off summer, I can’t wait to get in the sun.


October 16, 2009



From Zlog



Deflux Drops

October 14, 2009

Here is a shifty few snaps of a set of stem/bar drops I just finished welding up the other night. They are at paint now powdercoating on these suckers with a few other bits and bobs to go on the final build up of Deflux 1 which should be back from a full on paint up in the next few days.
This Bar was originally a sweet Tange cromo Soma unit I picked up from the good people at Wideopen dist., cheers Deano, then flamed and wire brushed off the paint in the weld area (hence the ends are still white). made the spec up for the angle of drop I wanted and mitred out the cromo to a short/ medium reach, put it in the vice, tacked, then straightened then welded, did the same for the stem/ steerer clamp section and then brased on the clamp and silver brased on the stainless tooth to finish it off… sounds simple eh!

Pedal to Podium

October 14, 2009


The guys at Podium / DVS emailed this, a great cause



Also – Jim Leatherman from Podium mentioned that they have another DVS riding shoe in the works.

Jay Dougray in Aussie

October 13, 2009

Go Jay!



October 13, 2009


Even though the rain has been pretty consisten nationwide over the last month – Simon in Christchurch has been finding a way to roll steady.



Sick like Dog

October 12, 2009

It’s been way too long since I posted any decent riding shots. reason being I have had the lurgy. I don’t usually get sick, this year my annual cold turned into “ITIS”; laryngitis, bronchitis and sinusitis to be exact. It was crap. I’ve got a couple days left of antibiotics, but as of yesterday I’m feeling human again. So hopefully the weather stays good and we can have a ride one night this week.


Next week it’s Frank and Ivy’s wedding in Rarotonga. Most of the Auckland crew are going over to celebrate the big day. And we are taking bikes. So stay tuned for the Steady Rollin Tour of Raro!!

Danger’s New Chainring

October 2, 2009


DANger is getting ready for track season and is taking it pretty seriously this season. He sold his KHS to Mike Martin and got this Dolan which is now pretty pro. Chris the Metalurgical C&C Wizard from Christchurch made the chainring.