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Lester Perry in Waikato

August 30, 2010

Pre ride coffee and cake at Velo Espresso, Hamiltons bike and coffee spot.

This is the Waikato after all!

Rolling steadily on the way out to the loop.

The Waikato from above- Top of Sanitorium.

Lester Sent me these through doing some crazy road miles. Check him out!



August 27, 2010

The lads went for a spin the other night

I didn’t but one day soon I will. Have a great weekend.

Dubai 48 degrees high and rising

August 20, 2010

I actually found a bike store in a mall here in Dubai that has some fixed gear bikes. Seem like nice guys too. It’s really hot here. But not as hot as this:

Subrosa at TWhites Bikes

August 19, 2010

Hi folks, sorry for the LONG hiatus in posts. I have just been on the top on a mountain at Snow Park for 2 weeks getting THIS done. Now I’m at the polar opposite and I’m in 40 plus plus degree heat in Dubai for a few days and back in NZ next week.


August 13, 2010

I just got the word that there is a bike polo tournament on this Sat 14th 10am at the Heathcoat domain in chch. – could be worth a look in.

Vanilla Calling

August 12, 2010

I got this in the email machine this morning…

I’m shit scared.