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New Header image – Thanks Simon!

February 29, 2008

Simon from Deflux made me a new header for the page -which rules!

The weather is meant to pack in tomorow, but I hope we can get a ride in first. It’s Jade and Ben’s engagement party Saturday night so even if it’s dry I don’t think some of us will be in suitable states to operate fixies, a TV remote may be the only apparatus I will be capable of manning.

Lets try get a ride in tomorrow afternoon? I’ll text yawl.



February 28, 2008

me-red.jpgreddy1.jpgJustin and birdscalloy-hoists.jpgmike-red.jpg

a few shots – Callum, Mike, Justin and me.


February 27, 2008


This is Cullen, we met him in Florida through Thomas Horrell. We dropped off a huge crane into a lake in Miami- he also shreds up concrete on a skateboard too. This is him in NYC with his bike. He just did his first Alleycat race got 11th.

We didn’t ride last night – went out for italian instead.

Back from MTB Nationals

February 25, 2008


Justin and I were down in Welly for the MTB Nats.

We were at the 4cross track for 14 hours on Friday setting up for Red Bull. The finals were awesome.

The Downhill yesterday was bleak- horizontal rain mud dust. Good on Scarlett Hagen- the champ rode her whole final run with a flat back tyre- jumping every jump and still got 3rd. What a ruler. Craig Pattle won the dual slalom.

Now we are back in Auckland and looking forward to playing with bikes that don’t have 14 inches of travel and look like they were made as props for Alien vs Predator.

Actually yesterday we sat in the Hummer and watched MASH about 6 times, including the out takes. We got some mud-monkeys very impressed by the fixie exploits.

Anyway – here is my photo post of the day. You probably saw it on another blog but I had to drop it in. Lets hope it’s not a sign of things to come. Or maybe he should do a Donnie Darko edition track bike- with a laser etched Frank-bunny head on the stem??

Friday ride

February 8, 2008


It’s an hour off breaking out of the office and getting a ride in this evening and some foamy beverages down.

Justin has to go to Waiheke to a skate comp with Chey from ABC. So he has an early ferry across to the island, no big night for him but at least we can get a MASH around Unitec tonight. Mike’s forks got misdirected on the courier and he won’t get them until Monday.

I met him today at Hedgehog – Chris masterfully built up my red deep V, and found some campy cranks and BB that will fit my Stormin’ Norman project. That frame has beeen vexing me for months. Photo’s next week.

The posse is slowly getting bigger, Johnny and Callum are coming out for a ride tomorrow.

This shot is Mike- he is limbering up, you know we’re always on the run.

Day Off

February 5, 2008


Well it’s Waitangi day tomorrow so we all get the day off. There is Groove in the Park at Western Springs. Going to check that out for a bit then get some riding done in town while all the cars are at bay. Johnny came riding his new bike on Saturday and got the hang of it real quick. Stoked.

It sounds like Bruce is hanging up his MTB shoes after his horrible near crippling fall last year. And he’s looking at getting a MASI as his fixie and freewheel beast. GOOD SHIT! Getting the gang together on Thursday night is the plan for some T.F. antics and some laps.

I want to do a criterium style race called Asylum Criterium before winter. I have the course sussed in my head so I am going to drive it out to get the lap distances mapped out.

Lets hope that Mike’s new chromolly forks arrive for Thursday so he can ride the orange machine, otherwise Mike – you can grab one of mine.

This is a shot of my new project – just came on the courier – it’s a Raceline Technique, double butted True Temper goodness. Love the bend in the seat tube. I think I’ll rock drops on this and get my criterium pace up to speed! It came with unmachined deep V’s – stoked.