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Singlespeed Worlds

October 28, 2010

It was the Singlespeed Worlds in Rotorua last weekend. Sounds like a real festival atmosphere with people getting really into it! Graeme Murray sent me these shots.

Local Garth Weinberg took the winning spot and as tradition dictates, received his Single Speed tattoo.

More on the SSWC Facebook page

– We are heading off on a skate road trip now¬†to film some shenanigans with the ABC crew and Traffick kids. Rolling 14 deep- most of the crew are well over 30 so I’m coining it the Antiques Roadshow (thanks Rich). Rotovegas and and Bay of Plenty – watch out!


The build up

October 26, 2010

Here are those built up snaps of Chris’ bike I said I’d get up here. it looks cool in raw but I still think it will be perfect with a clean sharp paint job. Cheery on the cake and all that. Aesthetics aside, it rides very nicely indeed – the gusseted BB and short stiff chainstays give a noticeably solid and confident feel on power on the pedals which I really liked on my quick spin with it. Chris promptly took it for almost 100km test ride over the long weekend result – “this bike is fucking Rad”. Next bike in the Deflux shed will be my version with a few odd adaptions and another classic based track frame with a twist.

Stay tuned

Chris' Full build
sloping TT
Chris' Full build
Chris and bike

Chris vs. Deflux

October 20, 2010

Over a bunch of Saturdays and Monday evenings Chris and I have been waving around flames and files in the Deflux garage between beers and whiskeys. Somehow we have a result forged out of the best True Temper Tubes into one fast looking Pursuit style frame. This Thursday night will hopefully be the build up and test ride in raw form. After that, paint and some gratuitous photos of the full build.

Chris' Pursuit Bike

Mike Davies new ride in Canada

October 15, 2010

Zombie Mike is in Toronto and has built up this nice Argon. He’s making plans to go to NY and SF and do some exploring- wish I was there with ya Mike!


October 12, 2010

Last day in Aussie

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Leisurely Tuesday

October 6, 2010

Pretty stoked on the mods, loving having my Easton bullhorns on this bike.

Justin and packable.

Jeff and fresh fade

Mike’s bike is out of action so he met up on his 20″

Good weather I love you. Keen for some TFT rides. Mike managed to keep up with us on his BMX which was hilarious. I’m off to Aussie tomorrow to ride rollercoasters and waterslides for a few days then go swimming with the fishies in Byron Bay. Pretty excited! See you next week.

Keo Clip

October 1, 2010